Empower Wednesday – New Program for Talents

International Working Women of Finland is a digital networking group that connects woman talent from all walks of life. The group centers around member supporting each other in job-seeking and other aspects of working life in Finland. In a very short period, it has exploded into a 4000-strong community with wide name-recognition among Finnish immigration services. How they are launching a new program for international talents called Empower Wednesday.

The aim of the program, in accordance with IWWOF’s vision, is to support all international talents, not only women, in their integration process and provide key information to facilitate their working life in Finland.

Empower Wednesday will run from September to December 2020, with events taking place on Wednesday afternoons. All events will be held online in English. They are free to attend, but require pre-registration, the details for which and more information you can find here.

During the meetings, all international talents wishing to know more about topics such as Finnish work culture, opening a business and tips for job searching are welcome.  The program will also offer networking events with Finnish companies and other international talents, peer support and inspirational success stories.

—  This is the kind of project that I would have loved to find when I moved to Turku and I had no network and no idea how to start looking for jobs. So, I decided to create it myself. I was so positive surprised of how well different institutions like Turku Science Park, Tempo Project, Työpiste and the City of Turku itself were so open to collaborate and support me since day one. I wish this could be the first edition of many more to comes. The future of Finland is based on the integration of foreign talents and we should look to who is already in the country and find best ways to employ them. Supporting talents’ integration means support Turku’s competitiveness in the long run, Lucia Vuillermin, one of the key players in IWWoF, says.

The partner organizations of Empower Wednesday are:

  • Federation of Finnish Enterprises (https://www.yrittajat.fi/en)

 *The project is partly funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).