Tech jobs and summertime magic.
Sync with the season in Turku or Rauma.

Find a tech job for the summer – Get housing and regional transport ticket!

Are you the tech summer trainee we’re looking for? How about getting essential work experience in tech while enjoying the best of the Finnish summer? Find out what Turku and Rauma has to offer!

Application period to Tech Summer Trainee Campaign / Kesätteekkarikampanja is now open!

  1. Find a company in which you would like to work in the summer
  2. After signing an employment contract with a company based in Rauma or Turku region…
  3. …submit your application for the Tech Summer Trainee campaign behind the “Apply to Turku/Rauma” -links
  4. You will be notified about your possible housing and regional transport ticket within two weeks!

Where to start?

Check out the most interesting tech companies and the summer job opportunities in Turku or Rauma: