My name is Mehdi Javan. I’m a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. I come from Iran. I studied computer engineering and worked in different industries during my career.

I was interested in the quality of life in the Northern and Western Europe, especially Nordic countries. I was thinking about moving there for a few years and decided to start looking for a job there. I managed to get some job offers from the Netherlands and Finland.

I did some research and at the end chose an offer from Vaadin company based in Turku, Finland. To be honest, at that point, the kind of work that I was supposed to do was my main reason to go for Vaadin’s offer and living in Finland didn’t outweigh living in the Netherlands. However, after being in Turku for three years, I know more about advantages of living in Finland. Right now, I’m working for the Vincit company, which is a known company in software in Finland.

In my free time, I mainly play badminton and run long distances. I also play chess and watch movies and TV series.


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