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When the hot summer has cooled down and the air is crispier, then it can only mean one thing: beautiful autumn season has arrived! Autumn is a great season for shopping in flea markets (called kirpputori in Finnish). Buying secondhand items for a reasonable price is not only sustainable act but also budget friendly. Someone’s trash is always another’s a treasure. If you are a newcomer in the city and have been wondering where to buy clothes, furniture, and electronics etc. for a cheap price, checking out flea markets is a good option.

I have been living in Turku for over 5 years and have visited almost every flea market in the region. Knowing where the good flea markets are located and what kind of items you can get from which location are prerequisites for a flea market enthusiast like me. In this blog, I would like to share with you 9 flea markets you should visit in the Turku area. I categorized the flea markets into 3 different categories, Children’s items, Clothing and Furniture.

Let’s get started.

Children’s items


Address: Nuppulantie 41, 20320 Turku

Vadelmatarha flea market is specialized on children’s clothes and accessories. The items are sorted in different sizes and types so it is super easy to find your desired items. The shopping area is spacious and there is a playground for the kids as well. In the same shopping area, you can also find an eco & design shop selling ecological children’s and adult women’s clothes. In the same area, there is also an organic café where you can take a rest and have a cup of coffee with small
pastries and snacks.

Under the same roof, you can find another flea market only for adult clothing.


Address: Pitkämäenkatu 4, 20250 Turku

PikkuSiili (which means a small hedgehog in Finnish) flea market focuses on children’s clothes, different types of kid’s items and adult clothes. In contrast to its name “Small Hedgehog”, the shopping area is wide, spacious, and therefore it is easy to shop around with a baby carriage. Here you can find not only children’s clothes but also other items such as a baby carriages, small buggies, children’s car seats, beds and highchairs. In the shop, you can find a toilet, a baby care table, a breastfeeding space and a playground for kids. In the same shopping space, there is also a small cafeteria where you can enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Lasten Seesam Kaarina Oy

Ahkiokatu 2, 20780 Kaarina

Lasten Seesam flea market is located in our neighboring city Kaarina. It takes about 15 mins by car from the city centre of Turku. In this child-friendly flea market, you can find a wide variety of secondhand children’s wear, toys and books. The place is so popular that the selection of the items changes frequently. There is a bathroom, a little playground for kids and a comfortable resting space in the corner of the shop where you can feed your baby. You can also find a highchair, magazines, and a microwave in the same space.



Address: Kristiinankatu 6, 20100 Turku

If you like modern-taste flea markets, Maanantaimarket (Monday market) is the best option for you. It is located in the heart of the Turku city centre. The inside of the shop is clean, cosy and bright. Here you can find not only secondhand clothes for men and women but also Frukt coffee beans made by a Turku-based coffee roaster, a beautiful flower bundle by Blomma creatives, different types of natural cosmetic items, and Maanantaimarket’s own brand accessories. The selection changes so frequently that you can always enjoy new discoveries.

Dirty Hippies Secondhand & Lifestyle

Humalistonkatu 13, 20100 Turku

Dirty Hippies secondhand & Lifestyle’s is a secondhand lifestyle boutique. This flea market is located in the city centre of Turku near the train station. The shop is clean and compact. In this modern flea market, you can find not only men’s and women’s secondhand clothes but also shoes, accessories, bags and jewelry. In the same shopping space, there is a section for ethically made cosmetic items, and eye-catching cute design cleaning products.

Puutorin Kirppis

Address: Brahenkatu 14, sisäpiha, 20100 Turku

Puutori flea market is located near the Turku bus terminal. There is a small glass door entrance in the middle of a small street and to reach the flea market, one has to use stairs to go downstairs. When you go downstairs, you will be surprised at the size of the spacious shopping space. Puutorin kirppis has over 100 selling spots and they are very often occupied due to the popularity of this flea market. Here you can find different types of relatively new men’s and women’s clothes, kitchen utensils, children’s clothes, books, jewelry and many more.


Kirpputori Hassinen

Hakakatu 13, 20540 Turku

For an antique hunter who is interested in buying Finnish design items and vintage antique furniture, exploring the Hassinen flea market is a must. There are over 320 selling spots in the Hassinen flea market. Here you can find miscellaneous secondhand items, clothing, bicycles and Finnish vintage design items such as Arabia and Iittala. The big difference between the Hassinen flea market and other flea markets is that you can find a wide variety of vintage antique furniture. In the same shopping space, there is also an LP flea market where you can find old vinyl and CDs.


Rautakatu 12, 20520 Turku

Ekotori is a Turku-based non-profit organization where you can find a wide variety of secondhand items such as furniture, utensils, art, home appliances, kitchen items, bicycles, and books. Ekotori does not have designated shelves that a seller can reserve like flea markets normally have. The shopping space is spacious. Their mission is to create environmental and sustainable awareness, advance environmentally friendly way of consumption, reduce the amount of waste and facilitate the use of recycled items. They also regularly accept donations of usable items in good condition and sell them forward to new users at reasonable prices.

Mimmin Kirppis

Address: Kaurakatu 44, 20740 Turku

The final flea market I want to introduce you to is Mimmin flea market which is located on the outskirt of the city of Turku. Here you can find over 150 selling spots with different interesting secondhand items such as clothing, vintage utensils, Finnish design items, toys and a great selection of furniture including tables, chairs, shelves, bed frames, carpets and more. You can even find household appliances such as fridges, microwaves and washing machines. During the Christmas season, the shop has its own Christmas section where you can find Christmas cards and decorations at a reasonable price.

Do you feel like going to flea markets now?
I hope this flea market list helps you to find your desired items!
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