Southwest Finland is a region of 700.000 people and numerous exciting bigger and smaller cities.

Southwest Finland is led by the city of Turku. Also, smaller cities, such as Pori, Rauma, Salo, Pargas and Uusikaupunki offer superb quality of life. Either the city centre, the countryside or even the harsh outer archipelago, Southwest Finland offers reasonable living costs with many housing options.



The “largest” archipelago town in the world has become reality, when five municipalities in Finland became one in 1.1.2009.

With more than 10 000 islands and islets outspread over 5500 square kilometres, of which 80 per cent is water, the beautiful, Archipelago Sea is a pearl for the inhabitants, summer guests and tourists. Come and see yourself!

Pargas is located in South West Finland, between Helsinki and Stockholm, with an easy and fast access to Turku. It is a dynamic town with a population of  15 500.

Pargas offers its residents high quality services in both official languages, Finnish and Swedish, and is a peaceful and safe environment to work and live in.


Beautiful nature and plenty of enthusiasm

Salo is a vibrant hub of commercial activity, well known for its ICT business, basic industries and services as well as plastic and metal industry. The region has also a strong tradition in agriculture.

The city is continuously developing its education offering according to the requirements voiced by the actors involved. Located at the heart of the most active region in Finland within a 30-minute driving distance to the city of Turku and just over an hour to the city of Helsinki, Salo is highly accessible. Salo sets the scene for success.


Uusikaupunki is a small city by the sea on the south-west coast of Finland, near the cities of Turku (70 km) and Rauma (50 km). The population of the city is approximately 15,700. Despite its name (literally, ‘Uusikaupunki’ means ‘New City’), the city was founded in 1617.

Look at the video, which is a great way to explore Uusikaupunki.


The City of Rauma was founded in 1442 and is the third oldest city in Finland. The City has developed from a small village into a lively industrial and cultural city with around 40,000 residents.

Rauma is home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites – a unique Nordic wooden town Old Rauma and a Bronze Age burial site Sammallahdenmäki.


Pori is part of the Satakunta province. I addition to interesting opportunities for talents Pori provides a lot of housing, living and outdoors experiences.

You can also find paradise on earth in Pori’s Yyteri beach – all year round.