UNICOM – Uniting Companies and International University Talents

What is it?

UNICOM is a collaboration between the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, Turku Science Park Ltd. and various other regional partners in Southwest Finland. As the name implies, the two-year project aims at responding to shortage of skilled workers that many companies in Southwest Finland are currently experiencing.

The companies in the region that are growing and recruiting despite the COVID-19 crisis have recognized a lack of expertise in research, product development and business, particularly in the following fields: robotics and automation, electric transportation and battery technology, diagnostics and biosciences as well as ICT (especially in artificial intelligence and cloud services).

UNICOM’s number one aim is to bridge the gap between talents looking for companies and companies looking for talents. Additional aims include increasing the openness, receptiveness and attractiveness of the job market for those international university talents who are already residing in the region. UNICOM’s practical applications include internships at companies for doctoral candidates and post-docs; workplace coaching for international talents, and campaigns and support services for companies.

Whom is it for?

The needs companies have are best met by the currently underutilized demographic of international doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers and master’s students enrolled in the study programmes of their respective spearheads. Consequentially, these talents are the core demographic of the UNICOM project. On the company side of things, the demographic includes small-to-medium-sized companies in various fields.

News, blog posts and other content

This page compiles latest developments from the project and its partners. Click on the image to read the post and check back often!

International talents in turku accelerating the growth of companies 2021 UNICOM


Right now, the UNICOM project is looking for companies interested in offering industry placement positions for international talents. If this peaques yours and your company’s interest, contact Turku Science Park Ltd. specialist Marko Kelahaara.

If you are an international university talent in Turku and interested in UNICOM, click here to fill out the contact form! You can also find the direct contact information for everyone working on the UNICOM project here.

The UNICOM project’s consortium has been assembled based on the companies’ needs. Turku Science Park Ltd., which also works together with the City of Turku in coordinating the region’s Talent Hub operations, is in charge of the project’s company services. Åbo Akademi and the University of Turku (especially their development-, research career/graduate school- and career services) are in charge of the services aimed at international talents. The University of Turku is also the coordinator of the UNICOM project. Other partners include the regional business development company of Salo, Yrityssalo Ltd., Southwest Finland TE Office/EURES, Turku Chamber of Commerce and SME’s from the various spearheads.