Life in Turku & Southwest Finland is rush-free and easygoing. Explore the clean nature, enjoy the festivals and find the right hobby for you.

What to do in Turku?

In Turku, there are plenty of things to do, on land or at sea. With so many activities and attractions, it's almost impossible to get bored in this city.

Networks and socialising

Learn about the Ambassador Network in Southwest Finland, various Social Media groups and more to expand your network.

Know Your Hoods

Find the most suitable neighborhood to fit your lifestyle.

Living and Learning in Turku - Yo-Talot

Vanessa Deggins tells about her experiences in living in Turku.

Activities in Southwest Finland

Southwest Finland is full of festivals, museums and other outdoor activities.

Festivals and other events

Summer is festival season in Turku and Southwest Finland. Get to know Ruisrock, the Turku Food and Wine Festival and many more events.

Nature and Recreational activities

Whether it's a hot and humid July or a frosty January, you'll be sure to find a hobby that you love in Southwest Finland.

Art, science and history

The best-known historical sight in Southwest Finland is probably the Turku Castle. But where else can you absorb history and art?

Easy to get around

Getting around in Southwest Finland is easy and rush-free; no matter if you’re using the public transportation or your own car.

The Unlimited Guide About Turku

Business students at the Turku University of Applied Sciences wrote up a handy Turku guide. In addition to the touristy information, there's everything from groceries price comparisons to a ranking of the best thrift stores!

Empower Wednesday

The Empower Wednesdays programme supports international talents in their integration process and provides key information to help them find their path to working life in Finland.