The cities and municipalities of Southwest Finland have efficient public transport networks, and moving around by private car is fast and smooth. Traffic jams are rare – or non-existent. Special arrangements are made as needed – a good example is the commuter coach from Turku directly to the Uusikaupunki automotive plant.


The Turku region public transport system covers Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko. There is a flat rate in the area i.e. the price is the same regardless of the length of the journey. One ticket is valid in the whole area. The public transport system of the area is called Föli.

Citybikes in Turku and Pori

Turku introduced a citybike system in spring 2018. The system under Föli comprises of 300 bikes, 35 fixed stations and three movable stations. The network of stations ranges from Kupittaa district across the city-centre to the port. Hired bikes are also available in Pori. You can rent a green citybike for one day or one week.

Tram or high-capacity bus

The cities of Turku and Raisio will decide during 2018 whether they will choose trams or high-capacity buses for the new public transport system. The plan is based on a solution involving trams or high-capacity buses which will support the growth and overall development of the city and the whole region.

The number of inhabitants in Turku and the number of passengers in public transports have grown rapidly in the 2010s. A positive structural change has increased the growth expectations. The number of journeys in the Turku region is expected to increase by nearly 30% by 2050.

Carbon neutral Turku

Turku’s goal is to be a carbon neutral city by 2029, and smart traffic is an important part of that concept. Moving from one place to another will in the future mean above all walking, cycling, electric public transport and shared use of vehicles. All of those are developed in the international, EU-finance CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project (2016–2020) whose operations also support the City’s strategic goals of attractive Turku.

One Hour Train

The One Hour Train is about straightening the Helsinki–Turku railway and improvement of the current tracks. With a smoother and shorter connection the journey time will be shortened from the current two hours to just over one hour. The One Hour Train creates a common commuting area for 1.5 million Finns and ensures that future positions are filled by competent professionals. Read more about what the One Hour Train is from Tunnin juna website.

The public transport system of the area is called Föli.
In future the One Hour Train ensures that future positions are filled by competent professionals.