Coronavirus brings uncertainty especially to entrepreneurs and smaller companies. What should be done in the workplace? Do I have the right to lower employee’s salaries? How about taxation and financing? Where can I get financial support? Below you can find links to help you find answers to these and many more questions.

Labour legislation

Directions for employers and information for example on entrepreneur’s employment security can be found from Turku Business Region’s website.

As an employer you might find yourself in a situation where you are forced to lay off staff. Information can be found from Tempo project’s website.

Financial support

Information on financial support and debt financing available for different companies can be found on Turku Business Region website.

Coronavirus and business financing on Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment website.

If your business has premises and you are having difficulties paying rent, negotiate postponing or exempting the rent with your lessor.

Taxation and statutory fees

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus the Tax Administration will relieve the terms of payment arrangements until further notice. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance is preparing an amendment on temporary lowering of the interest for late payment concerning those taxes that are included in the payment arrangement. Read more from Turku Business Region’s website.

Personal Benefits

The Government proposes that because of the coronavirus epidemic entrepreneurs would be entitled to labour market support. The act would remain in force until 30.6.2021. More information and how to apply.

If you are an entrepreneur out of work, please register as a job seeker at the local TE Office. Due to the corona situation, entrepreneurs who are unemployed, laid off or working part-time can exceptionally apply for unemployment benefits. Full-time entrepreneurs can apply for unemployment benefits after becoming unemployed, normally one should register on the first day of unemployment. Keep up to date and follow Kela’s website.

Contact KELA to find out if you can apply for a housing allowance and social assistance. KELA can support you if you fall ill or are in quarantine which affects your business. For more information Kela’s website has more information.

Labour mobility

Various movement restrictions have been set in Finland due to the coronavirus epidemic. The impacts of the restrictions are visible among highly educated employees sought for expert positions as well as e.g. seasonal workers in agriculture. (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment). Read more from Turku Business Region’s website.

Information in different languages

Federation of Finnish Enterprises has information for entrepreneurs in different languages. More info from the Federation’s website.

Business Opportunities

Both small and large companies and organisations are continuously developing new ways to maintain trading and help partners in trouble. See if there is a platform, campaign or a partnering opportunity you can join or take advantage of by checking Turku Business Region’s website.