The Turku region is known for building the biggest cruise ships in the world and for developing smart, autonomous ships. Nearly a third of maritime industry companies in Finland are located in the Turku economic region. In addition to shipbuilding, the region also boasts strong expertise in offshore and arctic technologies.

Turku is a fantastic place for any maritime professional hoping find the perfect balance between life and work, fulfillment and relaxation.

If you are a maritime talent either already in Finland or abroad, take a look below at what opportunities are available to you, and find your future in the Turku region!

Below you’ll find a selection of maritime jobs currently available in the Turku region. The dates at the end show the deadline for sending your application from the closest date to the furthest. Many employers process applications before the deadline, so do not hesitate to send in yours as soon as you can!

Available positions

Wärtsilä, Technical Support Engineer, Full-stack developer, Software architect

Sance, Open application

Meyer Turku, Open application

Orsap, Open application

Almaco, Open application

FCR Finland, Open application

Langh Ship, Open application

I.S. Mäkinen, Open application

Auramarine, Open application

Wärtsilä, Electrical & Automation Engineers, Open application

Wärtsilä, Mobilisation Expert, Tools (18/5/2022)

Meyer Turku, Project Management Office Coordinator (19/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Quality Management Systems Engineer (22/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Automation Engineer (22/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Chief Project Engineer, Electrical and Automation (22/5/2022)

Meyer Turku, Executive Coordinator (25.5.2022) REQUIRES FINNISH

Wärtsilä, Master Data Engineer (29/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Master Data Engineer (temporary) (29/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Master Data Expert (29/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Development Manager, Process (29/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Expert, Future Fuels (29/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Electrical Comissioning Engineer (31/5/2022)

Wärtsilä, Manager- Asset Diagnostics Multiportfolio, (5/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Supplier Development Engineer (5/6/2022) REQUIRES FINNISH

Wärstilä, Product Manager (8/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Design Engineer (12/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Solution Expert/Manager, PDM/PLM, Data & APIs (12/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Section Manager, Electrical (12/6/2022)

Naval Interior Team, Project Engineer & Site Manager (15/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Strategic Purchaser (15/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Process Implementation Manager (16/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Supplier Engineer (16/6/2022)

Groke Technologies, Unity Developer (22/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Commissioning Engineer, Mechanical (26/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Service Manager, Workplace Services (27/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Solution Manager, Field Service and Workshops (30/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Solution architect, Sales and Field Service (30/6/2022)

Wärtsilä, Automation Engineer for travelling work (30/6/2022)