SHIFT Business Festival 2023

A festival for people and innovations, not a conference!

SHIFT is built to bring change-oriented people and businesses together to network, learn, and get inspired.
SHIFT calls you to define what the future brings for your business, but also to re-think how your business can impact the future.

SHIFT Business Festival is the highlight of our year, and exactly what it says – a two-day inspirational and fun festival with insightful business content, music, art and matchmaking.

Check more information: SHIFT Business Festival – When business as usual is not good enough (


What do you and your business need to stay relevant and ahead of the game?
Keywords: business foresight, future skills, innovation

Growth should not be generated at any cost. Do it responsibly, and both the planet and your business will flourish.
Keywords: social responsibility, inclusivity & diversity, sustainable business

Disruptive technologies not only accelerate change, they create it. Stay up to date and secure your spot be at the forefront of innovation.
Keywords: technology impact, change, business opportunity

August 23-24

Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki
Lemminkäisenkatu 12 B
Turku, 20520