3rd RESPONSE Hackathon in Turku

Organized by Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku

We want to see you at the Technical Challenge – 3rd Turku Hackathon under the RESPONSE Project. The Hackathon is organized by Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku. 

The challenge is open to:

  • Front-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Web development Start-up/Company
  • Student teams with software design and web development experience

This year´s theme is “Residential PV Curtailment and Energy Optimization.” You will be tasked with analyzing data and predicting solar energy production, and household electricity consumption to program an intelligent shutdown, all while having access to PV production data and electricity prices from Turku UAS Application Program Interface (API).  The proposed solution should control a dummy setup for remote testing located at Turku University of Applied Sciences. 

Your product prototype idea could fetch you upto €15,000.

Consolation prizes upto €5,000 will be awarded too. 

Register and send your submissions until 8 May, 2024, through this link: https://openinnovationchallenges.h2020response.eu/#/auth/login

More details here: https://h2020response.eu/hackathons/3rd_turku/

Good luck with the challenge!