Text and photos: Makoto Chiba | Reading time: 5 mins

Are you struggling to choose your next lunch or dinner place in Turku? There are so many good restaurants in Turku nowadays and choosing one of them is hard. Would you like to have something exotic instead of the regular dish? If your answer is “YES” this blog is for you. Trying new restaurants is not only my hobby but also something that makes me happy. During the past month I have visited 5 exotic restaurants. These five restaurants offer an amazing exotic food experience for you. I am pretty sure that each restaurant’s foods satiate the taste buds of food lovers like you! Let’s get started!

Thai Kitchen (Thai)

Address: Uudenmaankatu 16, 20500 Turku
Website: ravintolathaikitchen.com

The first restaurant on my list is Thai Kitchen, established in 2019. It is a relatively new and genuine Thai restaurant, known for its flavorful and authentic Thai food. The owner and also chef Panawan ”Lekki” Saisorn cooks savory Thai foods with high cooking skills inherited from her mother. The food is always served with seasonal fresh ingredients and therefore the food is super flavorful. My favorite dish here is Tom Yum Kung. The spiciness of the dishes is tailored for Finnish taste, but more exotic hot food lovers can order dishes according to the Thai spiciness scale.

Yasuko’s kitchen (Japan)

Address: Yliopistonkatu 26 C, 20100 Turku
Website: yasukonkeittio.com

One of my favorite restaurants in town, not only because I am Japanese, but because the quality of the food and the atmosphere. The lovely Japanese chef and owner Yasuko-san makes delicious homemade Japanese food, which might not be as known as sushi, such as Tonkatsu, Curry Udon and Okonomiyaki. My favorite dish is Tempura rice ball, so-called Ten-don in Japanese. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the main street of Turku. Its location in an upstairs flat reminds me of small restaurants in Tokyo that are often hidden on upper or basement floors and are not visible from the street level. This hidden gem gives you not only delicious Japanese food but also a great Japanese-vibe experience.

Delhi Darbar (India)

Address: Hämeenkatu 8, 20500 Turku
Website: delhidarbar.fi

The third exotic food destination is from India, Delhi Darbar. They offer authentic Indian taste in their heaping portions of colorful spicy curries, sizzling tikka, and other classic Indian dishes, accompanied by salad, rice and soft naan. The quality and quantity of food is great and budget friendly. This restaurant is highly recommended for those who indulge in spicy and flavorful food. During lunchtime, it is often full of people, therefore it is advisable to book a table beforehand.

Rioni (Georgia)

Address: Kristiinankatu 9, 20100 Turku
Website: rioni.fi

Established in 2019 in Turku. The only genuine Georgian restaurant in the heart of Turku. The Rioni takes you to the traditional Georgian Dining table with their dishes. The combination of succulent meat stew and fresh vegetables are something that you have to try. In addition to this, I recommend you to try “Khinkali”, which is Georgian dumplings with succulent meat and brothy filling. There is a certain way of eating this dumpling so when eating it for the first time, it is advisable to ask the waiter how to eat it. Here you can find weekly changing lunch and dinner with a great selection of wines as well.

Afrodite Greek Taverna (Greek)

Address: Hämeenkatu 9, Turku 20500 Finland
Website: afroditetaverna.fi

The last but not least, the final exotic food destination is from Greece: Afrodite Greek Taverna. The word taverna in Greek means a small Greek restaurant that serves Greek cuisine. As its name tells, the restaurant is compact and looks like an authentic taverna with cozy atmosphere! Here you can find traditional Greek foods such as Moussaka, gyros plate with tzatziki and Halloumi salad made with original Greek recipes. The interior, music, staff, food, and atmosphere make you feel like you are in a Greek taverna accompanied with great Mediterranean hospitality.

This restaurant list is made based on my own experience and preference. I hope it helps you to choose your next lunch or dinner destination.

Thank you for reading.

Makoto Chiba