Afterwork for Entrepreneurs

Event organized by International House Turku

Time: 23.11.2023, 16:30 – 18:00

Place: Little Saturday restaurant, Yliopistonkatu 29b

Languages: English

We invite you to join us for an exciting Afterwork for Entrepreneurs, an event dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs together. This event is presented by International House Turku in collaboration with KTI Laskutus, a Finnish company specializing in financial and digital services for businesses. With KTI Laskutus, entrepreneurs can streamline their operations, saving both time and money. Their team of experts is ready to help answer the crucial question: “How can entrepreneurs optimize their time?”

Our event will kick off with a warm welcome from Deeana Lehtinen, a Welcome to Turku programme coordinator. Following that, we’ll have a keynote speech by Samuel Archambault, a successful Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Boussole Interne. Whether you’re contemplating launching a business in Finland or already running one, this is your golden opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, seek answers to your questions, and share your valuable experiences. It’s the perfect occasion to gain insights into the Finnish business landscape.

Don’t miss this chance to expand your professional network and draw inspiration. Join us for an evening that promises to be both informative and inspiring!

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