Talent Acquisition Specialist Johanna Varjonen from Teleste discusses how they employed ICT professionals from the Philippines and how Barona helped them in the process.

How did Teleste end up hiring three ICT professionals from the Philippines?

We initially sought to recruit ICT talents from Finland but decided to broaden our search by collaborating with Barona. They suggested that there are many ICT professionals in the Philippines, so we decided to explore this option as well.

Angelo Villasanta thinks that it is very exciting for an ICT professional to be able to work on the core technology of the company.

This was the first time Teleste used recruitment and relocation services in hiring international talents. What are your experiences of the process?

Collaborating with Barona was sensible and efficient for us. They have expertise in finding talents to suit our needs and experience in relocating and integrating international talents to the Finnish society. I also think that in this process, we are doing PR work for all companies trying to attract international talents to Finland.

Angelo Villasanta’s dad Arnold Villasanta has had a big influence in his ICT career.

What are your tips for companies hiring international talents?

Listen to the newcomers carefully and make sure that they are comfortable at their new working place. Pay attention to the whole company culture and help them find like-minded people in the community. We have developed for instance a board game for newcomers, which offers information on the company and opportunities to start discussions with colleagues.

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