#FinlandWorks – attracting talent in Emigration Expo!

Emigration Expo recruitment fair in Hoten, Holland, gathered together around 11 000 visitors and numerous countries and regions on the second weekend of February 2019.

This year the exhibition focused on Scandinavia and the Healthcare sector. Finland was eagerly part of the fair since it has skills shortages in several area, which include healthcare. This is why it was valuable to make new connections with numerous new talents!

During the weekend hundreds of talents and their families visited Finland’s booth, eager to know more about Finland and its’ regions, such as Southwest Finland.  

Join the Career & Family program!

It was great to meet many people, who had already visited Finland and now consider it as a place to live and work in! Now you have a great change to explore our region. Join our career and family programme while visiting Turku & Southwest Finland!

Programme includes information about job openings, outing to the beautiful archipelago, visit to kindergarten and school, taste of Finnish cuisine and much more. Maybe even real Finnish Sauna, if you’re up for it!

The programme will be organized through the summer 2019.

For further information, subscribe to our Emigration Expo 2019 bulletin at Lyyti in here.

Open positions in Turku & Southwest Finland

Economic growth in Turku & Southwest Finland continues and this means new job openings for talented professionals.

In the Emigration Expo the region caught especially the attention of talents from Maritime and Medical industries. These are also some of the fields with open positions right now!

Check the open positions and apply! To the open positions.

Didn’t find a match for your skills? Stay tuned for more jop openings in #Finlandworks page on LinkedIn. You can also contact us for more information.

Best booth and popular info sessions

This year different regions and organizations in Finland joined their forces, which paid off. The organizers of the Emigration Expo named Finland’s booth as the best in the whole fair.

During the weekend Finland had also four info sessions, which attracted around 200 different people. In these sessions the participant got a little sneak peak on living and working in Finland.

#Finlandworks – now let it work for you!

Finland is the happiest country in the world, which was also shown in the booth. In the picture are people from different cities in Finland: Helsinki, Tampere and Turku!