Reading time: 5mins | Text and photo: Makoto Chiba

Sauna. The best invention in Finland so far. From my rule of thumb, I can safely say that Finns cannot live without sauna. Sauna bathing is a great way to release your stress and relax your stiffed muscles from the work. Sauna is a relaxing place but at the same time, it is a spiritual place that has an inextricable connection with Finns.

The surprising fact is that there are over 3 million saunas in Finland, and this means there are more saunas than cars. You can find saunas everywhere in Finland including private saunas, condominium saunas and public saunas. There are saunas in public swimming pool and spa, and you can surprisingly find a sauna even in prisons in Finland. If you are a sauna-lover like me, this is the ultimate guide for you. In this blog, I list up five saunas you can find in the Turku area where you can get an amazing löyly and sauna experience.

NOTE: In a common sauna, it is mandatory to wear a swimsuit and advisable to wear flip flops. It is good to remember to keep yourself hydrated when enjoying sauna.

Let’s get started.

Ispoinen beach sauna

Address: Rykmentintie 51, 20880 Turku
Opening hours

The first sauna I want to introduce you is the Ispoinen beach sauna, located along the Ispoinen public beach. Here you can enjoy a newly renovated electric sauna with a great capacity. The major difference of this sauna is that when you want steam (löyly in Finnish), you press the button attached on the wall. The sauna is situated along the sea so you can dive into the sea immediately after sauna. Nothing is better than feeling the euphoria of diving into the water after sauna. During the wintertime, this sauna is super popular and always full of people who do ice hole swimming. There is also a small kiosk in the same building selling salty snacks, coffee and tea.

Villa Järvelä

Address: Järveläntie 133, Lieto
Opening hours

Villa Järvelä is one of my favorite saunas. It is located in the middle of forest along the Littoinen lake with beautiful scenery. This is a great place for experiencing different types of traditional Finnish saunas such as tent sauna and wooden sauna. During the wintertime, you can also enjoy ice hole swimming. Dipping oneself in icy cold water after sauna is an authentic Finnish experience. You can also find three big hot tubs there. Enjoying sauna, jumping into the water and bathing in hot bathtubs. What else do you expect? Couldn’t it be better? There is also a small kiosk where you can find sausage, hot drinks and alcohol-free beverages.

Saaronniemen Saukko beach Sauna

Address: Tammirannantie 39 20100 Turku, Ruissalo
Opening hours

In the Saukko beach, you can find an old-style cozy wooden sauna surrounded by beautiful nature. From the beach, you can also see the harbor of Turku with beautifully lit industrial lights.
Saukko beach sauna has its own sauna club called “Saaronniemen saukot” which means the otters of Saaronniemi. There are now over 400 members in the club. The membership fee is 20 euros and by paying it, you can enter the sauna with a discounted price. During the wintertime, you can enjoy ice hole swimming in the sea. After taking a sauna you can have a little break in the cafeteria side where you can find coffee, tea and small pastries.

Forum sauna (Turku)

Address: Kurjenmäenkatu 17 20720 Turku
Opening hours: Friday from 15-18 (public), Other days appointment needed

If you are looking for a genuine traditional sauna experience, Forum sauna is a perfect place for you. Forum sauna was established in 1927. There are two retro saunas with shower and dressing rooms. The capacity of the sauna is 20 people for each sauna. The sauna is open for public only on Fridays, other weekdays you need to make a reservation. Forum sauna is one of the most unique saunas you can find in Finland. Forum sauna offers different types of therapy services such as cupping and peat therapy. And in the cafeteria side, you can enjoy tea and coffee. There you can also find a small kiosk to buy different unique sauna items and souvenirs.


Address: Luotojentie 245, 21150 Röölä
Opening hours: Not for individuals. A group of people can make an appointment (minimum 10 people)

When you walk through the beautiful forest of Naantali, suddenly the magical sauna village Herrankukkaro appears. Once you step into the sauna village, you feel like you have time slipped into old medieval times. The village is located in the heart of the archipelago with only half an hour’s car ride from the city of Turku. The biggest smoke sauna in the world with the capacity of over 120 people is located in Herrankukkaro. Outside area has hot tubs where one can enjoy the archipelago scenery. Additionally, a dining room, kiosk and private cottage accommodations are available in the village. Herrankukkaro also offers conference premises and recreational activities for groups.