The strongest expertise cluster and a business pioneer of the life science field in Finland

The Turku region is home to the leading health cluster in Finland. The city is an expertise centre for pharma, diagnostics and health technology and a frontrunner in functional foods research.

Turku is a fantastic place for any professional in the health field hoping find the perfect balance between life and work, fulfillment and relaxation. If you are a life sciences talent either already in Finland or abroad, take a look below at what opportunities are available to you, and find your future in the Turku region!

Below you’ll find a selection of health jobs currently available in the Turku region. The dates at the end show the deadline for sending your application from the closest date to the furthest. Many employers process applications before the deadline, so do not hesitate to send in yours as soon as you can!

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Available positions

Orion, Team Lead, (Cancer Cell Signaling), Oncology Research, R&D (11.9.2022)

Orion, Clinical Data Analyst (11.9.2022)

University of Turku, Postdoctoral Researcher/Doctoral Candidate/ Project Researcher to study immunoregulation (15.9.2022)

PerkinElmer, Senior Software developer (25/09/2022)

Perkin Elmer, System test engineer (25/9/2022)

University of Turku, Project researcher/Postdoctoral researcher in single cell data analytics (28.9.2022)

University of Turku, Turku Cellular Microbiology Laboratory, Senior Researcher and Project Researcher/Doctoral Researcher (30.9.2022)

Åbo Akademi, Project Researcher for data analysis in a Parkinson’s disease data mining project (30.9.2022)

Uniogen, Open application

Biovian, Open application