The coronavirus brings uncertainties to the labor market. Turku Business Region is full of international talent who can help companies get back on their feet and out in to the world after the situation starts normalising.

If you are laid off

If you are laid off as a result of the coronavirus, you can find information on the TE Services webpage.

Looking for a new job?

Jobs in Finland portal aims to aggregate job openings that don’t require Finnish skills, serving employers in Finland and job seekers in Finland and abroad:

Talent Explorer funding can be used to hire an expert in order to obtain new information and expertise to help your company make progress in a new international market. Read more and share. This can be used as leverage when applying for a job.

The coronavirus has cut off entry of foreign seasonal workers to Finnish farms. Finnish farms are currently facing a severe shortage of labour for seasonal work during the summer. Every available pair of hands is needed in order to secure domestic food on Finnish dinner tables. If you are laid off or without a summer job, #Seasonwork may be an option:

Residence permits and visas

If it is not possible for you to return to your home country or country of permanent residence due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, you can, under certain conditions, apply for a temporary residence permit. Read more from Migri’s website.

Third-country nationals residing with a residence permit may change employer and profession without applying for a further permit. The changes in the law enable the foreigners to work in positions that are important for security of supply and the labor market. The temporary provisions are valid until 31.10.2020. Read more on the subject from Ministry of Employment and Economic Affair’s website.