World is changing and the global economic growth is rapid. This growth has also resulted in major problems, such as the population explosion and climate change, which future engineers, mathematicians, scientists and visionaries will have to solve.

It is these future problem solvers who STEAM Turku wants to provide opportunities and expertise to.

What is STEAM?

  • It is a new education operating model administered by the City of Turku for increasing the attractiveness of natural sciences and technology industries
  • A science and technology path combining basic and secondary level education, which provides countless opportunities to children and young people of different ages.
  • There is a personal path for everyone into the world of science and technology
  • A direct route to further studies and the Turku technology campus
  • STEAM Turku wants to increase the attractiveness and demand for technology education in Turku and the entire Southwest Finland
    • For example, the number of people applying for university engineering studies in Southwest Finland is half of the number of applicants in Pirkanmaa – this is one of the things that Steam Turku wants to change