Right now, the world is facing unprecedented challenges ranging from climate change to economic fluctuations. The scientists, mathematicians and engineers of the future will have to offer solutions to these challenges in order to ensure a livable planet for future generations.

The movers and shakers of the future do not come about in a vacuum but emerge from a life-long process of learning and experimenting.

The Turku region and Finland in general have always prided themselves with the best public education system in the world. It is free and available to all. When you add to that the Finnish cutting-edge expertise in science and technology, what you get is the STEAM Turku initiative.

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

  • STEAM Turku is a science and technology path that combines early, basic and secondary education conducted by the Education Division of the City of Turku.
  • Offers innumerable opportunities into the world of science and technology
  • Inspires students to face the challenges of the future
  • A direct route to further studies and the Turku technology campus
  • Aims to increase the attractiveness and demand for technology education in Turku and the entire Southwest Finland

Focus on New Digital Solutions and Learning Methods

The path aims to incorporate the latest in science and technology into all levels of education. The city of Turku, companies and institutes of higher education work together to create new ways of teaching STEAM subjects. This can be anything from programming classes in grade school to aquatic physics in upper secondary. Students tutoring each other encourages participation and interaction between different age groups, while the beautiful and clean nature of Southwest Finland functions as a stimulating and down-to-earth learning environment.

Turku is a Region of Cutting-Edge Companies

Inspiring students to study STEAM subjects in higher education and making their transition into working life after graduation as smooth as possible are key steps in the STEAM path. STEAM Turku organizes company visits and mutual projects that benefit both students and companies in the Turku region.