Finland is a Nordic welfare state where equality is the fundamental ideology behind education. International rankings agree with us that Finland is a great place to study. Finnish higher education consists of two complementary sectors: universities promoting research and academic education, and universities of applied sciences (=UAS) offering professional higher education with close ties to working life. There are seven institutes of higher education in Finland.

The city of Turku is the centre of universities and student life in Southwest Finland. Turku offers plenty of historical attractions, contemporary art and incredible nature. Explore the city’s many restaurants, shops, bars and other free time activities. As a popular student city, you get to meet people from different cultures all over the world. Student culture is active: 20 percent of Turku residents are higher education students. The people of Turku, “turkulaiset”, are warm-hearted, open-minded and some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

Some inside information about the video underneath: Each faculty in a Finnish university has their own colour of overalls. Overalls are used in specific student events, mostly for parties. The objective is to customize your overalls with different kinds of badges, which you receive as you participate in activities and events.

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