There are two kinds of higher education institutions in Finland – universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). The mission of universities is to conduct scientific research and provide instruction and postgraduate education based on it. UAS train professionals in response to labour market needs and conduct research and development which supports instruction and promotes regional development in particular.

Southwest Finland has seven universities, of which five offer degrees in English. Almost 50 000 students study in the universities in Southwest Finland.


University of Turku >> The University of Turku, established in 1920, has 7 faculties and 5 independent units. There are 20,000 students and 3,400 staff members.

Åbo Akademi University >> Established in 1918, Åbo Akademi University consists of 4 faculties, 5500 students and 1 100 members of staff.

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)

Turku University of Applied Sciences >> An inspiring community of 10,000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland.

Novia University of Applied Sciences >> With over 4000 students and a staff of about 300, Novia is the largest Swedish-speaking university of applied sciences in Finland.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) >> A multi-disciplinary and an international higher education institute of approximately 6,000 students and 400 employees.

Humak University of Applied Sciences >> Humak operates in Turku, but does not have degrees in English applicable in Turku.

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences >> DIAK operates in Turku, but does not have degrees or courses in English applicable in Turku