How to cope with stress as an entrepreneur?

Organised by Integrify non-profit

⏰ When? 30th of August from 17:15-18:15 EEST
📍 Where? Grab yourself a fresh cup of tea/coffee and join us online!
👥 For whom? Entrepreneurs located in The Capital Region.

It is not a secret that our lifestyle with its non-stop demands, expectations, and deadlines is not sustainable in the long run. We find ourselves juggling between work, family, friends, and ourselves, trying to deliver, and perform more, but eventually, it is not working.

We get stressed at times to the point of burnout, struggling with chronic pain, health issues, and relationships. Unable to find ways to disconnect and turn the off switch.

During this short session, you will be introduced to the importance of mental wellbeing, understanding and managing the stress response, followed by a short restorative practice.


⭐️ Leila El Krekshi – Founder of Omana Consulting.

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