International House Turku in Monitori

International House Turku is a service concept that comprises of ten different services.

This autumn, a new service concept was born in Monitori. The child was named International House Turku. The godparents comprised of the City of Turku’s management group. The delivery was difficult, but now everything is fine and the child has grown up as quickly as a zebra that gets up on its feet and is ready to run as soon as it is born. In this case it is ready to serve the residents of Turku who speak languages other than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue.

International House Turku is not just one service. It is a complete service concept that comprises of ten different services. All these services are available in Monitori Market Square. In Skanssi, International House Turku provides multilingual guidance and advice as subcontracted service.

In addition to national languages, multilingual services are available in English, Kurdish, Arabic, Russian, Somali, Persian, Dari, Thai and Pashto.

International House provides advice and guidance

The customers come to the Welcome Desk without booking an appointment. The info helps them with small challenges and guides to the right place those who need more help or need help in languages other than Finnish or English which are the languages of the Welcome Desk. At the Welcome Desk it is also possible to sign up for Finnish language studies and expertise mapping that supports employment or starting of studies. These services are available in Forum, across the street from Monitori Market Square. From the beginning of 2022 on, the services of the Welcome Desk are also available by telephone.

The multilingual advisory and guidance services help the customer with finding employment and other issues, such as e.g. applying for a Finnish citizenship, finding services, filling in various forms, or different matters in which the customer may need language support. In addition to national languages, multilingual services are available in English, Kurdish, Arabic, Russian, Somali, Persian, Dari, Thai and Pashto. At the beginning of 2022, the selection of languages is increasing, as subcontracted services are available at the end of the day in Estonian, Polish, Romani, Vietnamese, and possibly also Chinese. Multilingual advisory and guidance services are available at scheduled times without an appointment, but it is recommended to make an appointment especially for a longer advisory session.

International House helps to settle in Turku

International House Turku makes soft-landing plans for those who are studying here or have come to work in the city. At the moment they are only being made in English. In the plans, all factors that support the customer’s residing and living in Turku, including leisure activities and children’s day-care etc., are thoroughly reviewed. Soft-landing plans also include follow-up of the realisation of the plan. Drawing up of soft-landing plans is possible both by queueing number and by appointment according to the schedules.

International House has a lawyer and social worker

International House Turku has a lawyer that provides its customers with advice especially on the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration, and labour legislation. The social worker gives advice e.g. in organising subsistence during studying or work. Business advice is offered especially to those who are setting up a company. These services are only available by appointment.

International House guides to studies

The customers of International House Turku have access to diverse study guidance services by appointment. Study guidance is specifically available for upper secondary education as well as universities of applied sciences or university. In addition to study guidance, the SIMHE service provides advice for the recognition process of qualifications and degrees and for seeking employment, improving own language proficiency, and networking with Finnish people. These services are available in Finnish and English.

International House helps to integrate

As the employment services were transferred to the City’s responsibility within the municipal trial, the integration services for immigrants were transferred at the same time. They are implemented in Turku as part of the service range of International House Turku by appointment. An integration plan is drawn up for customers belonging to labour force to support the customer’s opportunities to learn Finnish or Swedish language and society skills as well as finding employment or employment promoting services, such as forwarding to vocational education.

International House is a house for everyone

International House Turku will soon also be found at where you can also view additional information about the services. Further information may also be asked from the residents of International House Turku. All other services of Monitori support the activities of International House Turku, and it is also ready to support others in serving their customer base.

About the author

Mika Helva
Director of Services
City of Turku

This article was original published on 31 December, 2021, on the City of Turku’s blog section. You can read the original in Finnish by clicking here.