International House Turku’s welcome programme

Are you ready to take next steps for your settling in Turku and Finland?
Are you committed in developing new skills and achieving your integration goals in an encouraging environment?
Are you looking for a network of other internationals and locals to support your integration journey?

If the answer is yes, join International House Turku’s new Training Programme!

The training programme lasts from September to December in the Autumn 2023 and from January to April in the spring 2024.

The programme consists of a variety of activities such as

  • Individual (1:1) and group coaching
  • Workshops
  • Events & group activities​
  • Strengthening Finnish language skills through leisure activities and learning by doing​

Each month includes three weeks of activities, and each week has a specific theme related to integration. The themes for every 3 weeks are:

  • Finnish culture and language​
  • Life in Turku​
  • Working life

During the programme you will get assisted by a professional coach, experience specialists and experts on different fields of integration.

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