International Working Women of Finland – Entrepreneurs in Turku

Entrepreneurs in Turku series continues with four episodes, covering stories of paths to entrepreneurship and themed workshops.

Entrepreneurship is a way to express oneself and make a living. Entrepreneur ladies of IWWoF share their stories how their path has led to entrepreneurship and offer a workshop with a theme of their professional passion.  At the end of each workshop there is time for informal networking.

13th June, 4.30-7.30pm

MeetUp: Finger food and sustainable fashion

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This is a wrapup of the spring 2022 Entrepreneurs in Turku series.
Please bring some food from your culture to share. We will have plenty of time to network.

Theresia and Begona will host cloths swapping, so if you are interested in, please bring some cloths.


  • Items should be clean and in usable condition.
  • Items can be clothes, shoes or bags
  • You can only take home the same amount of items you brought
  • No children’s items are allowed this time
  • No money exchange

About Theresia
Theresia is sustainability policy specialist with a Doctoral degree in social sciences.

She is the co-founder of ESGROW, a diverse women-led team aiming for positive impact and good business by co-creating pathways for organisations to meet demanding environmental, social and governance expectations. 

She is also the founder of Sustainability Daily with Tee (SusDTee). SusDTee is a Facebook platform providing information on how to adopt sustainable living for everyday life. 

She is a deputy councillor at the Turku city council where she promotes immigrant integration, equal opportunity, social sustainability and residents engagement. Her passion in entrepreneurship is simplifying sustainability and sustainable lifestyle.

About Begona
I’ve been working as a Style and Personal marketing advisor, and involved in the world of fashion for more than 10 years. Fashion has always been one of my passions, as well as, music, dancing and reading. 

My mission in life is to help people feel good in their own skin, by giving them advice and inspiration on how to enhance their image and how to show their essence and personality through their external appearance. Finland has been a very inspiring country for me, when it comes to sustainable fashion, and I realized that my other mission is to leave a better world to our children, by guiding others towards a more responsible and respectful way of consuming. 

Past events:

7th April, 4-6 pm

Starting up a new ecommerce business and building online presence

Cristina Elena Stancu

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About Cristina
I am Cristina Stancu, multidisciplinary designer, with a Master`s degree in Product and Industrial design, that moved from Romania to Finland almost 3 years ago. I have worked many years for big brands like Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf and Nestle, in projects ranging from graphic design, branding, packaging design, to promotional items and POSM displays. I am currently working full time as a graphic designer in LM Someco, and besides this, part-time entrepreneur for my own company Print N Stuff, where I draw, customize, print and sell online different types of products.

I will share and inspire others with my story and talk about my part-time business, how it took shape. I also offer tips and tricks about social media advertising and branding.

12th April, 4-6pm

Life-changing Tips From The Coach’s Toolbox

Leonor Carvalho

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About Leonor
My name is Leonor Carvalho. I am a scientist, coach, and therapist and above all fascinated with the complexity of being Human. As a certified hypnotherapist and life coach residing in Turku, I have helped people from all over the world.

While completing my PhD in Biochemistry and researching molecules in the human body I came to a realization that continuing on that scientific path is not for me. I realized that my true purpose in life is to work with the human mind. My love for research has never faded, it just shifted to researching human emotions, motivations, and behavior…and I still get to use PubMed a lot.

But now, instead of working with biochemical compounds, I deal with people’s lives and work as a catalyst for personal transformation and change. It is my mission to help others to achieve a better overall well-being, find the satisfaction in life and make daily life actually enjoyable.

Knowledge is Power. Experience and evidence-based knowledge are even more powerful. Implementing changes based on that knowledge is the best.

As a hypnotherapist and a life coach, I studied, practiced, analyzed, and experimented so you don’t have to. I will take the most useful techniques from the coach’s toolbox and will give them to you so that you can start transforming your life immediately.

First, we will discuss some annoying, but constantly-present features of the mind. Then I will share the practical tips and tricks you can use to improve your everyday life. Sadly, these efficient techniques are not taught in schools or in Universities, despite their clear usefulness and real-life applicability. Truly, they should be viewed as critical life skills, because of their drastic impact on life satisfaction and overall well-being.

19th April, 4-6pm

Redefine Success and Get Energized

Avanti Chajed

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About Avanti
I have became a trained meditation teacher in April last year and have been teaching meditation as a lightweight entrepreneur in Finland since August. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur before but the experience of starting something on my own has been rewarding. I’m excited to share what I have learned in this unexpected journey.

In this workshop I will talk about my journey starting to teach meditation, the failures, the attitudes that have helped along the way. I will also.teach techniques that help counter the stress and nerves of starting something on your own. We will end by learning a meditation technique and doing a short practice.

26th April, 4-6pm

Manage your digital presence

Lucia Vuillermin

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About Lucica
After working in the communication and event organization field for multinational companies for the past 17 years, Lucia moved to Finland following her Finnish husband. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the International Working Women of Finland Association, where she started the Turku Chapter and manage the communication. Lucia started the Empower Wednesday program to support international talents in their working path in Finland: she has supported over 1800 participants, contacted 48 speakers, and given international talents possibilities to network with 13 well-known Finnish companies.

She has recently started her own company to help companies, NGOs, and individuals to gain visibility and plan their communication and marketing tools, especially online.

Did you know that everything you do online stays online? It is called a digital footprint. But did you also know that more and more HR managers are using those digital footprints to evaluate you and your application even before reading your CV carefully? During the workshop, we will explore how to create a social media presence that will impact positively your future employers. We will see some practical tips to set your privacy online as well. 

3rd May, 4-6pm

How to start a business from scratch

Veronica Deac

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about Veronica
I am Veronica Deac, a Romanian who lived for 13 years in Finland, single mother of 2 kids and a business owner (Tmi Jump Fit – Kangoo Club Turku) since 2016. I have a University degree in International Economic Relations, but my business is in the fitness field, so along the way I have also become a Kangoo jumps and Freestyler trainer (the 2 new sports that I brought to Finland and I distribute exclusively all over the country).

My achievements are not just related to my financial situation and the expenditure of the business, but mostly to inspire and spread a way of living, a lifestyle, a passion for sports, and an idea on how to do it being connected to the people. I have created a family around the country formed of my instructors who are keeping classes in the same way I envisioned. 

A dream came true in 2021 to be on TV and it happened on MTV3 Talent Suomi with my team (Kangoo Power Team Finland) when we were able to reach the Final. In Turku I have my own studio where I keep classes daily, but I travel all over the country participating at different events, or keeping workshops, classes and making people falling in love with my sports.

I will present inspirational story of building my business in the past 6 years, the struggles, but also the motivation and the passion behind it. I will also demonstrate how to use the shoes and give a small presentation on the benefits of using them. Participants can try the Kangoo jamps shoes!