Mums: from home to work!

Event organized by IWWOF

Our new webinar series aims to support stay-at-home mothers in entering the job market and improving their employment prospects while recieving peer support and networking with other mothers in Finland. The events will be ONLINE and FREE and the language will be in English. You will have a safe space where children are welcome and we will not record it for more privacy.

Our topics:

-6.9. 2023 H 11:00-12.00 DAYCARE: HOW DOES IT WORK IN FINLAND (When it start? How much does it cost? How can I have a place? What if I work in shifts?) Speaker: Kahiluoto Tarja, Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö/Undervisnings- och kulturministeriet/Ministry of Education & Culture

-13.9. 2023 H 10:00-11:00 EXPATS SPOUSES: TIPS HOW TO SUCCEED (What does it mean expat spouse? Where can I find support?). Speaker: Minna Franck, Finnwards Oy and IWWOF Board Member

-20.9.2023 H 10:00-11:00 CHALLENGES OF INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS (What are the main barriers? How to overcome them? Which courses can we attend?) Speaker: Olga Silfver, MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland

-27.9.2023 H 10:00-11:00 WHICH ASSOCIATIONS CAN SUPPORT STAY-AT-HOME MOTHERS? Speakers: Mothers in Business MiB ry, Familia ry

-4.10.2023 H 10:00-11:00 THE IMPORTANCE OF TRADE UNIONS. Speaker: Jutta Linna, Akava – Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland

-11.10. 2023 H 10:00-11:00 LIGHT ENTREPRENEUR: RECONCILE FAMILY AND BUSINESS. Speaker: Anu Oksanen, Business Helsinki.

The series of webinars is supported by Moniheli.

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