The “Muutostöissä” campaign, led by social media influencers, aims to awaken awareness for the possibilities of a culturally diverse working life

Text: the Muutostöissä campaign team

A change in attitude is necessary and the responsibility belongs to everyone in the workplace. 

This shift in mindset is required to ensure Finnish working life remains competitive and achieves cultural equality. The “Muutostöissä” campaign, starting on the 5th of September, will bring attention to the barriers that hinder a culturally diverse working life: ignorance, biases, and beliefs.

The goal of this social media influencer campaign is to address everyone in the workplace and foster an open attitude toward cultural diversity.

In the “Muutostöissä” social impact campaign, the initiators of the discussion are 20 social media influencers from various cultural backgrounds living in Finland. The campaign’s financing is provided and supported in communication by over 20 organizations, including cities, educational institutions, NGOs, and significant players in the labor and business sector. The campaign’s designer and coordinator is PING Helsinki, an influencer marketing agency specializing in social impact. The societal influence consultant for the campaign is Wanda Holopainen from Ataá Agency.

From multiple channels, from several different perspectives: this is how we tackle change

The influencers taking part in the “Muutostöissä” campaign offer personal experiences from varying backgrounds: job seekers, workers, and employers. The themes the campaign influencers will highlight include cultural literacy as a modern work-life skill, cultural realities in Finnish working life, and daily life as a job seeker, employer, and entrepreneur with a diverse background. The campaign channels include Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Campaign content will be published on various social media channels during September.

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Campaign partners:

City of Vantaa
City of Oulu
City of Espoo
City of Helsinki
City of Tampere
City of Turku
City of Kouvola
Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
Keuda Vocational Education and Training Provider
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science
The Finnish Pension Alliance Tela
Technology Industries of Finland
Service Sector Employers Palta
The Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK
The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial staff in Finland Akava
Finnish Education Employers Sivista
Trade Union Pro
Trade union for academic engineers and architects in Finland TEK
The Finnish Business School Graduates Suomen Ekonomit
The Shortcut
International Professionals Finland
International Working Women of Finland
MONIKA Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland

Influencers of the campaign:

Mixed Finns
Almost Finns
Hidasta elämää
Diana Rantamäki
Jasmin Hamid
Jasmin Ngo
Miisa Nuorgam
Khaled Aziz
Rodanny Mua
Aishah Muhammed
Jasmin ja Tuomas Timisjärvi
Jenny Belitz-Henriksson
Inari Fernandéz
Laura Roca
Dave Cad
Josh Western
Tuomo Kasanen