Perceptions of Finland becoming more and more positive

News released first by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland:

In the 2019 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI), Finland impresses with the biggest overall score increase out of the 50 countries measured. Perceptions of Finland as a leader in environmental protection, in particular, have strengthened.

The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index was launched in 2005. It comprehensively measures and charts people’s perceptions of 50 countries. In the 2019 survey, Finland ranks 17th, advancing one place compared with the previous year’s results. The rank is based on Finland’s scores in six different dimensions dealing with exports, governance, culture and heritage, people, tourism, and investment and immigration. Finland added to its score in each category compared with the previous year, and registered the biggest total gain among the 50 countries in the survey.

People perceive Finland as linked with good governance and environmental protection

Like before, Finland is held in high regard on the basis of good governance and equality. Finnish administration is considered competent, honest and fair, and the respondents believe that the rights of citizens are realised in Finland. Finland is also seen as a country that works responsibly, striving to reduce world poverty. Finland ranks among the top ten countries in all dimensions related to governance and equality.

Compared with previous years, the greatest differences show in the scores measuring environmental issues and education. In the latter subcategory, Finland rose four places to 14th, on the strength of its reputation as an education provider. In environmental protection, Finland climbed four places, from ninth to fifth. Finland’s good ranking in this category is particularly significant, because the respondents of the survey define the fight against climate change as the most important global concern.

Most room for improvement in culture and tourism

As for perceptions of cultural heritage and modern culture, Finland falls in the weaker half of the surveyed countries. In the subcategory of urban culture and urban tourist destinations, Finland does not match its neighbours Sweden and Norway. However, Finnish nature ranked among the top third of tourist destinations.

The study also provides much information about the varying perceptions of Finland in different countries. Among the participating countries, German and Swedish people hold the most positive perceptions of Finland and the Finns. The Japanese and Russians also value Finland more than average. On the other hand, Egypt holds less positive perceptions of Finland, ranking it 30th out of the 50 countries in the survey. However, the study shows that the better the respondent knows Finland, the more positively they perceive it.

The Nation Brands Index is a respected, comprehensive country-brand survey based on interviews with more than 20,000 people around the world. The survey is not adjusted for GDP. It compares Finland directly with larger nations, such as the United States, which ranked 11 places ahead of Finland. Of the other Nordic countries included in the survey, Sweden received the highest placement at number nine. All the Nordic countries are within eight places of each other.


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