Ready, Set, Goals! Set up a system for your employment

When? 25th Oct. 16.30 – 18.00
Where? SparkUp, Tykistökatu 4


Led by Leonor Carvalho

Ultimately, what we all want is to decrease misery, frustration and be happy. Our overall life satisfaction depends on our well-being in all subareas of our life. Professional life is one of those subareas and dissatisfaction in it has a major impact on the way our overall life feels in general.

Work is indeed an important part of our life. We spend most of our awake time doing it, so why not to spend it on something we enjoy doing?

We can either wait and hope that the issue will automatically take care of itself (how has it been working out so far?) or we can be proactive and greatly improve our chances by understanding ourselves, by planning, and by executing. These are all the areas I am going to help you with.

This workshop is for you regardless of your professional situation. If you are a job seeker, you will learn practical tools to help you cope with the stressful process of finding a job, and additionally, you might get more clarity on what you really want to do professionally. If you are looking for new work opportunities, you will get a clear framework to guide you.

About Leonor

My name is Leonor Carvalho. I am a scientist, coach, and therapist and above all fascinated with the complexity of being Human. As a certified hypnotherapist and life coach residing in Turku, I have helped people from all over the world.

While completing my PhD in Biochemistry and researching molecules in the human body I came to a realization that continuing on that scientific path is not for me. I realized that my true purpose in life is to work with the human mind. My love for research has never faded, it just shifted to researching human emotions, motivations, and behavior…and I still get to use PubMed a lot.

But now, instead of working with biochemical compounds, I deal with people’s lives and work as a catalyst for personal transformation and change. It is my mission to help others to achieve a better overall well-being, find the satisfaction in life and make daily life actually enjoyable.