SparkUp Online: Crowdfund Your Business

The good folks over at the startup community and event space SparkUp are organizing free, monthly online sessions with experts from different fields. They are sharing their know-how with you free of charge. Next week’s session is about crowdfunding your business idea, and the speaker is the amazing Milja Mäkelä from Crowd For Impact.

Crowd For Impact is a Helsinki-based startup and an impact crowdfunding platform for world-changing entrepreneurial solutions and creative projects with a mission. Crowd For Impact combines crowdfunding, corporate sustainability, and startup funding into a unique tool for solving global challenges such as plastic waste, loss of biodiversity, inequality, and much more.

Join the SparkUp Online session on Thursday, September 23 from 12.30 pm to 13.30 pm, to hear how crowdfunding can help you with your startup’s marketing, product development, audience engagement, and partnerships.

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