Tales of the Entrepreneurs in Turku: Veronica

Veronica Deac
Kangoo Jumps instructor

Once upon a time there was a girl named Veronica. She was born in Romania, where many wars were fought during the history, with Magyars and Byzantin among others. She believed that she is a reincarnation of a warrior princess. She studied martial arts.

Growing up, Veronica Deac chose economics as her subject of study. Financial controller, tourist animation, photographer in Romania, Spain and in Finland. Different occupations in different countries. She has re-invented herself many times. She was a warrior, but she was a princess, too. She was good at talking to people and convincing them.

She moved to Finland as a photographer. When her personal life got difficult, she had to summon the warrior princess in her. She didn’t lose hope and shifted her focus back to her first love: dance and fitness.  She was out of shape, for the first time with not so many friends around, and with small children to look after. But nothing stopped her. She had an objective.

Her goal was to become an instructor and distributor of Kangoo Jumps Shoes. The shoes are for fitness and rehabilitation. Having experienced a joint problem herself, she was convinced of the benefit of the shoes and the training program. She wanted to bring them to Finland. For a year and a half, she attended fitness courses that was required.

She achieved the certificate and now she had to start a business. Without many connections, she started networking within the Romanian community in Turku and before long, her powerful storytelling prowess and irresistible energy reserves were catching on. She organized flash mobs in the shopping centres Skanssi and Mylly. She marched on stage at a Finnish talent show with her team, demonstrating the joy and fun of the jumping shoes. Looking back, she really has become a real-life warrior princess from a far-away land. Her weapons are the jumping shoes and the training program that will defeat even the most sceptical enemy with a smile.

Now Veronica runs a well-known fitness studio in Turku. She has trained new instructors and the jumping shoes are spreading all over Finland. Whenever she can, she tells stories inspiring women to be brave. She reminds them not to let anybody treat them as worthless, not to be afraid of not knowing the language, and to take risks in proudly showing their values—because, in the end, someone will come to appreciate them.

Now Turku is Veronica’s home. She loves the endless summer nights, and she has even learned to appreciate the shimmers of light during long dark winter nights. Most days you can find her in her studio or, weather permitting, in one of Turku’s many parks, jumping in her shoes and wearing the shiny armour made of colourful skirts, with a joyful jumping army of inspired and empowered fans following along and replicating every move.

Text: Lucia Vuillermin
Illustration: Barbara Kaucher


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