The Turku region is a fantastic place for any tech or ICT professional hoping find the perfect balance between life and work, fulfillment and relaxation.

If you are a tech talent either already in Finland or abroad, take a look below at what opportunities are available to you, and find your future in the Turku region!

Below you’ll find a selection of tech and ICT jobs currently available in the Turku region. Many employers process applications before the deadline, so do not hesitate to send in yours as soon as you can!

Available positions


Wärtsilä, Senior Service Engineer, Mechanical (20.9.2023)
Wärtsilä, Technical Lead, Engine Controls (24.9.2023)
Wärtsilä, (Senior) Market & Financial Analyst (24.9.2023)
Meyer Turku, Project Engineer, Hotel (1.10.2023)
Meyer Turku, Project Engineer, Shipbuilding (1.10.2023)
Wärtsilä, Service Manager, Global ERP CoE (5.10.2023)
Wärtsilä, Manager, Continuous Improvement (8.10.2023)
Wärstilä, Continuous Inprovement Lead (8.10.2023)
Åbo Akademi, Research Assistant in the field of cell and molecular biology (10.10.2023)
Åbo Akademi, Project Researcher, Biomass Processing (13.10.2023)
IF, Senior Document Management Developer (15.10.2023)
IF, Solution Architect, ServiceNow (15.10.2023)
IF, Power BI Specialist (15.10.2023)
Wärstilä, Automation system / test developer (15.10.2023)
Wärtsilä, Chief Project Engineer (22.10.2023)
Wärstilä, Remote Diagnostics Expert, Four-Stroke Engines (22.10.2023)
Cadmatic: Global Electrical Marine Sales Manager (22.10.2023)
IF, Digital Process Developer/senior Product Owner (26.10.2023)
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Research Engineer, Battery Fleet Management (13.11.2023)
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Research Engineer, Low SoH Batteries (13.11.2023)
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Research Engineer, Fluid Flow Control (13.11.2023)
ATRSoft, Software Developer
Unikie, Embedded Developers (C++)
Unikie, Cloud Engineer
Unikie, Cloud Architect
Vincit, Platforms Architect

Already closed – but keep an eye on the companies for future reference!

Unikie, QA Test Lead
Vincit, SAP Consultant
Wärstilä, Senior Manager, Project Management Development (17.9.2023)
Wärstilä, Product Owner, Generating Sets (17.9.2023)
Cadmatic, Senior UX Designer (17.9.2023)
University of Turku, Project researchers or research assistants: data science , Fixed term (15.9.2023)
University of Turku, Postdoctoral researchers, doctoral researchers, project researchers or research assistants in the field of health technology, Fixed term (15.9.2023)
University of Turku, Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, fixed term (15.9.2023)
Wärstilä, Service Manager, Sales and Distribution (15.9.2023)
University of Turku, Research coordinator (Materials engineering), Fixed term (14.9.2023)
University of Turku, Full-time and part-time trainees/research assistants: Solar Energy Materials and Systems (Materials Engineering), Fixed term (14.9.2023)
Wärstilä, Senior Technical Expert (13.9.2023)
Sandvik, Sales Development Manager (13.9.2023)
Wärstilä, Supply Chain Manager (8.9.2023)
Cadmatic, Product Line Marketing Manager (10.9.2023)
Elomatic, Energy Manager (10.9.2023)
Wärstilä, SAP Senior Solution Manager, Sales and Service Management Solutions (5.9.2023)
Wärstilä, Automation Expert, Comissioning (3.9.2023)
University of Turku, 1-2 Postdoctoral, Doctoral or Project Researchers, Applied Artificial Intelligence for Computational Surface Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Fixed term (3.9.2023)
Cadmatic, Software Testing Engineer (CAD Applications) (1.9.2023)
Cadmatic, Software Engineer (1.9.2023)
Sandvik, Product Support Engineer (27.8.2023)
IF Insurance, Senior Service Designer (31.8.2023)
IF Insurance, Lead Architect, Self Service
IF Insurance, Senior Qualitative Researcher (31.8.2023)
Elomatic, Naval Architect (Project Engineer / Ship Theory) (31.8.2023)
Elomatic, Technical Authority (Marine) (31.8.2023)
Wärstilä, (Senior) Development Manager, Intelligent Controls (31.8.2023)
Wärtsilä, Application Engineer, Europe – Energy Storage (31.8.2023)
Wärstilä, Service Manager, Finance Solutions (31.8.2023)

Unike, Codesys Developers
Unikie, Software Architect
Unikie, Embedded SW Developer (QNX)
Unikie, Automotive Embedded Software Engineer
IF Insurance, Lead Architect, Self Service

IF Insurance, Back-end Developer
IF Insurance, IT Service Desk Analyst
IF Insurance, UX Designer
IF Insurance, Full Stack Developer
IF Insurance, Lead Architect, Digital Sales
Sandvik, Solution Architect (19.3.2023)
Mavericks, Full Stuck Developer
Mavericks, Cloud Architect
Mavericks, DevOps Engineer

Mavericks, QA Engineer
Unikie, Mobile Developer (Android & IOS)
Unikie, Software Architect
Unikie, Embedded SW Developer (QNX)
Unikie, Automotive Embedded Software Engineer
Vincit, Technical Commerce Architect
Vincit, Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Vincit, Senior Azure Software Architect
Vincit, Junior SAP FICO Consultant
Vincit, SAP Consultant
Vincit, Sales Executive (Commerce)
Vincit, Commerce Solution Architect
Vincit, Senior Data Engineer
Vincit, Software Architect
Vincit, Mobile Developer
Vincit, Software Developer