TechTurku Week 2022 highlights the cutting-edge innovations, product development and research being done in the Turku region’s tech industry. The Turku region’s companies, universities and other organisations also need the right people to carry out that future-oriented work. The Turku region is a fantastic place for any tech- or ICT professional hoping find the perfect balance between life and work, fulfillment and relaxation.

If you are a tech talent either already in Finland or abroad, take a look below at what opportunities are available to you, and find your future in the Turku region!

Also don’t forget to check out the fascinating discussion both online and onsite happening over at TechTurku Week 2022!

Below you’ll find the tech and ICT jobs currently available in the Turku region. The dates at the end show the deadline for sending your application from the closest date to the furthest. Many employers process applications before the deadline, so do not hesitate to send in yours as soon as you can!

Vaadin – Application Modernization Specialist

Vaadin – Java Web Developer/Consultant

Vaadin – Migration Architect

Vaadin – Senior Software Developers / R&D

Unikie – Mobile Developers

Unikie – Full-Stack Developers

Unikie – Lead Data Engineer

Unikie – Android Developers

Unikie – Embedded Software Engineer with Android Experience

Vincit – Software Developer

Vincit – Mobile Developer

IF – Identity and Access Management Architect

PerkinElmer – Test Automation Engineers

PerkinElmer – Software Cloud Architect