The Turku region is a fantastic place for any tech or ICT professional hoping find the perfect balance between life and work, fulfillment and relaxation.

If you are a tech talent either already in Finland or abroad, take a look below at what opportunities are available to you, and find your future in the Turku region!

Below you’ll find a selection of tech and ICT jobs currently available in the Turku region. Many employers process applications before the deadline, so do not hesitate to send in yours as soon as you can!

Available positions

Wärtsilä: (Senior) Design Engineer or (Senior) Product Development Engineer, Engine Electrical and Automation (30.4.2024)
University of Turku: 2-4 Doctoral Researcher Positions in the Quantum Doctoral (QDoc) Pilot programme (30.4.2023)
University of Turku: Postdoctoral Researcher/Project Researcher, Intelligent Materials Chemistry (30.4.2023)
University of Turku: Laboratory Engineer, Smart and Sustainable Energy Technologies (30.4.2024)
University of Turku: Senior Researcher, Smart & Sustainable Energy Technologies (30.4.2024)
University of Turku: Postdoctoral Researcher, Smart Materials for Energy Conversion (30.4.2024)
University of Turku: Doctoral Researcher on Hybrid Materials for Smart Energy Technologies (30.4.2024)
University of Turku: Doctoral Researcher, Smart and Sustainable Energy Technologies (30.4.2024)
Elomatic: Project Engineer (Marine Industry) (30.4.2024)
Elomatic: Naval Architect (30.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Developer, Process Automation (5.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Supply Quality Assurance Manager, Supply Management, Energy Storage and Optimization (5.5.2024)
University of Turku: 1-3 postdoctoral researchers/doctoral researchers in Computational Materials Engineering (6.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Automation Engineer/Expert, Embedded Controls (6.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Strategic Purchaser, Electrical components (6.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: System Simulation Expert (7.5.2024)
University of Turku: 2-4 Postdoctoral Researchers or Senior Research Fellows, several disciplines, The Learning Analytics Research Institute (15.5.2024)
University of Turku: A Postdoctoral Researcher and/or Research Assistant (fixed-term positions) in the field of Boosting the Circular Economy of Batteries with Artificial Intelligence (17.5.2024)
University of Turku: Postdoctoral Researcher (2 years) in the Amazon Research Team (21.5.2024)
Aboa Mare: Senior Lecturer in Maritime Master Programmes (21.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Solution Manager, Sourcing and Procurement (21.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Senior Credit Risk Analyst (21.5.2024)
IF: Security Testing Engineer (21.5.2024)
IF: Software Quality Engineer (23.5.2024)
IF: Lead Developer (25.5.2024)
Wärtsilä: Technical Lead, Global Customer Portal solutions (26.5.2024)
University of Turku: Two Assistant or Associate Professors (tenure track) in Robotics (27.5.2024)
University of Turku: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor in Learning Analytics (tenure track) (27.5.2024)
University of Turku: Assistant / Associate Professor (Tenure Track) in Hydroinformatics and Fluvial Geomorphology (27.5.2024)
University of Turku: Postdoctoral Researcher, Smart Materials for Energy Conversion (30.5.2024)
University of Turku: Doctoral Researcher on Hybrid Materials for Smart Energy Technologies (30.5.2024)
University of Turku: Assistant or Associate Professor (tenure track) in ICT with specialization in Cyber Security Engineering (31.5.2024)
If: Senior Guidewire Developer
Wärtsilä: Automation Commissioning Engineer 
Valmet Automotive: Lead Engineer (f/m/x) Battery Thermal Management for Automotive Battery Systems
Valmet Automotive: Senior Engineer for Engineering Quality(f/m/x) Batteries
Reaktor: Lead Developer
Reaktor: Full Stack Developer
Biovian: Open application for Scientist roles 
Elomatic: Open application 
Cadmatic: Open application 

Already closed – but keep an eye on the companies for future reference!

University of Turku: 16 Doctoral Researchers, the Digital Waters (DIWA) doctoral pilot (disciplines Geography, Geology, Water Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science) (20.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Product Lead, Engine & Cargo Simulators (21.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Supplier Development Engineer (21.4.2024)
If: Digital Analyst (21.4.2024)
University of Turku: 13 Doctoral Researcher Positions in the ImmuDocs – National Doctoral Education Pilot Based on the Immune System (22.4.2024)
Wärstilä: Product Manager, Battery (22.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Automation UI Designer (23.4.2024)
Wärstilä: Architect, Digital Products & Autonomous Operations (26.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Senior Service Engineer, Mechanical (28.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Purchaser, Energy storage & Optimization (28.4.2024)
Valmet Automotive: Test Manager (28.4.2024)
Valmet Automotive: Test Engineer (28.4.2024)
Novia University of Applied Sciences/Aboa Mare Senior Lecturers in Maritime Technology (29.4.2024)Wärtsilä: Senior Design Engineer (15.4.2024)
University of Turku: 4-9 Doctoral Researchers, EDUCA-Doc doctoral education pilot (multiple disciplines), Faculty of Science and Faculty of Technology (15.4.2024)
University of Turku: 1-4 doctoral researcher positions in fundamental and applied photosynthesis (15.4.2024)
University of Turku: 1-2 Doctoral Researchers to Intelligent Work Machines field (15.4.2024)
University of Turku: 5 Doctoral Researchers in Software Engineering (15.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: Manager, Logistics (17.4.2024)
Wärtsilä: DevOps Engineer, Digital Products & Autonomous Operations (17.4.2024)

Wärtsilä: (Senior) Solution Manager, Supply Chain Management (4.3.2024) 
University of Turku: 1-2 Doctoral / Project Researchers, Medical Bioinformatics (4.3.2024)
If: Digital Growth Manager (6.3.2024) 
University of Turku: Post doctoral researcher, The Space Research Laboratory (7.3.2024) 
Wärtsilä: Mechanical Chief Project Engineer/Senior Chief Project Engineer (10.3.2024) 
Wärtsilä: Application Engineer PCS (10.3.2024) 
Wärtsilä: Supply Chain Planner (10.3.2024) 
Wärstilä: (Senior) Design Engineer or (Senior) Product Development Engineer, Engine Electrical and Automation (10.3.2024)
Cargotec: Trainee, IM Transformation Office (10.3.2024)
MacGregor: Trainee, Engineering (10.3.2024)
If: Quality Assurance Engineer (11.3.2024) 
University of Turku: Postdoctoral researcher and Doctoral researcher/Project researcher, Industrial Engineering and Management (11.3.2024) 
University of Turku: Doctoral researcher, Bioimage Informatics Research Group (13.3.2024)
University of Turku: Postdoctoral researcher, Neuroimmunology & Imaging (15.3.2024)
University of Turku: Research Technician, Proteomics and Metabolomics (18.3.2024)
Wärtsilä: Superintendent Mechanical, PBL (19.3.2024)
Wärtsilä: Fuel Injection Equipment Expert (20.3.2024)
Wärtsilä: SAP Solution Architect, Supply Chain and Sourcing and Procurement (29.3.2024)
Unikie: CI/CD Architect

Wärtsilä, Program Manager – Sustainable Fuels (23.11.2023)
Wärstilä, Cyber Security Consultant (30.11.2023)
IF, Accessibility Specialist (3.12.2023)
ATRSoft, Software Developer
Unikie, Embedded Developers (C++)
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Research Engineer, Battery Fleet Management (13.11.2023)

Wärtsilä, Sales Support Engineer (14.11.2023)
IF, Digital Process Developer/senior Product Owner (26.10.2023)
ECHO Engineering, Naval Design Engineer (Machinery Systems) (27.10.2023)
Wärtsilä, Development Manager, Silencers and Exhaust gas equipment (31.10.2023)
Meyer Turku, Designer, Machinery Arrangement (5.11.2023)
University of Turku, Senior researcher, Postdoctoral researcher or Project researcher/Doctoral researcher to Molecular Systems Immunology Group (17.10.2023)
ECHO Engineering, Site Comissioning Engineers (Automation & Controls) (20.10.2023)
Cadmatic: Global Electrical Marine Sales Manager (22.10.2023)
University of Turku, Bioinformatics specialist for InFLAMES Flagship (22.10.2023)
Åbo Akademi, Research Assistant in the field of cell and molecular biology (10.10.2023)
Unstructured Environments (12.10.2023)
Sandvik, Sales Development Manager (13.9.2023)
Elomatic, Energy Manager (10.9.2023)
Mavericks, Full Stuck Developer
Vincit, Technical Commerce Architect
If: Senior/Staff Data Scientist 

Reaktor: Software Developer


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