The Future is Made in Finland – Want to Be Part of It?

The future of the planet hinges on what we do right now: how and what we innovate and how do we implement those new developments so that they have the best possible outcomes. At the forefront of that innovation is Finland.

The Finnish National Agency for Education is launching a webinar series entitled The Future is Made in Finland. The series features presentations and discussions by Finnish universities and institutions operating at the cutting edge of future tech and innovation.

The kick-off episode takes place on October 14, 2020 at 12 pm. Helsinki time (UTC+2). It is subtitled Want to Be Part of It? and includes topics such as how Finland is finding global solutions to gloabal problems, how to relocate to Finland to study or do research and how to found a start-up in Finland. The speakers include big names like Li Andersson, the Minister of Education and Rasmus Halme, the COO of the SLUSH start-up event.

After the October 14 kick-off there are a further six episodes on topics like AI, 6G (yes, that’s a 6, not a 5) and women in science and tech. The final episode is scheduled for a December date that’s yet to be announced.

You can view the entire schedule as well as register to the event by clicking on the link below. The entire series is free, online and held in English. Please note that you can register for individual sessions, the whole series or any combination that best suits you.

Click here to check out the details and register.