As Finnish society is becoming more and more diverse, so is the local working life. This has not gone unnoticed in the government, either: that’s why the nationwide Talent Boost programme seeks to foster an international society by promoting the mobility of international talent. A part of this initiative is the Talent Turku project, a joint effort by Turku Science Park Ltd. and the City of Turku. 

The Talent Turku team has been working on building a support network for the local international talents in Turku since 2018. “We aim to make Turku more attractive to internationals, to create a positive atmosphere of inclusion and to support the integration of international families to the Finnish society,” explains Lotta Kujanpää, the project leader of the Talent Turku team at Turku Science Park Ltd.   

At the same time, the team strives to lower the threshold for companies to hire international talents.

International talents gather at the Talent Get-together. Image: Rabbit Visuals Oy

The Turku region’s local international community has been growing steadily and more and more internationals are actively involved in the events and campaigns, organised by the Talent Turku team.  

In the Stories from Southwest Finland, international talents have told their life stories in the Turku region. Talent Ambassadors have shared the family and working life experiences in social media in #TalentedByNature campaign. Others have been actively involved in different events as speakers or moderators, all showcasing how international talents can successfully integrate into Finnish society.

The Entrepreneurs in Turku event series was organised in cooperation with International Working Women of Finland association, Image: Barbara Kaucher 

Catching a breath from the COVID 19 pandemic, the Talent Turku team invited the group to a Talent Get-together. 23 talents from 17 different countries gathered in the premises of a former maternity clinic, now known as the E.Ekblom restaurant at the shore of the river Aura. The dinner started with “cheers” in 17 languages!

A lively community attracts and makes it easier for new internationals to settle down. Image: Rabbit Visuals Oy

“It is important for us to have a good international community. A good lively community attracts and makes it easier for the new internationals to come and settle down,” says Megumi Hayashi, Project Specialist at Turku Science Park Ltd and the main driving force behind the Talent Turku community building efforts, who herself is an international talent and has been living in Finland for over 25 years.   

During the event many new connections were made, and fresh ideas were discussed.  “Such a nice feeling to continue the work!”, Megumi sums up.

Would you like to join the local community of international talents? Visit the Career in Southwest Finland webpage for latest news and events and contact Megumi Hayashi for more information.