UNESCO Prize Awarded to Turku-based Innovation in AI-enhanced Learning

UNESCO gave the 2020 King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education to the ViLLE education platform, developed at the University of Turku.

Turku Innovation in Online Classrooms Around the World

This year, the prize focused on solutions that use AI to assist learning in a world where classroom education has been mostly put on hold. The ViLLE platform makes doing complicated student exercises easier as teachers and the students have a wide range of entirely customisable exercise types at their disposal, and both the teacher and the system can provide instant feedback.

The ViLLE platform is an example of the kind of innovative AI development that is being done in Turku. Since its inception, the platform has been adopted by over 300 000 students and 14 000 teachers. The numbers come from UNESCO, and you can read the details of why they chose ViLLE by clicking here.