Welcome to Turku – Ice Swimming and Sauna

An event by International House Turku

What better way to start our Welcome to Turku events than winter swimming in cold water! Join us in Ruissalo on 24thJanuary for an authentic Finnish experience!

We will meet at 11.15 at Puutori, where we will take the bus to Ruissalo. The bus leaves at 11.24 so be sure to be there on time.

Our ice swimming will take place at Saaronniemen Saukot – remember to take your swimming suit, a towel and preferably a woolly hat with you.

This event is free of charge, but registration in advance is required. Family members are also welcome (please contact us if you have any additional requirements for children). The language of the event is English.


If you have any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at talent.advisor@turku.fi