Empower Wednesday: Build Your Community – Find Job and Friends!

Wednesday 19th May (16:00 – 17:00)
: Empower Wednesday: Build Your Community: Find Job and Friends! (lyyti.fi)

To wrap up the Empower Wednsaday 2021 edition, in the final meeting Camilla Sultanova tells us the importance of building our own community and to be proactive, which we have been doing through the program!

Kamilla Sultanova

The event is free of charge, but you do have to register to receive the meeting link.

Th Empower Wednesday program is designed for international talents in Turku. Its aim is to support international talents in their integration process and provide key information to facilitate their working life in Finland. You can view the next sessions from Empower Wednesday Event page. You can attend all the sessions or pick and choose the ones you are most interested in.