Housing in Turku is generally more affordable than in the capital region of Helsinki, although it can be expensive to live in the city centre compared to the surrounding areas. Reliable and affordable public transport across Southwest Finland encourage many to commute from outside Turku.

Where to live?

Finding different options for a place to live is not a problem here in Turku. The city is divided into 78 districts, with over 20 in the city centre alone. These include the wooden houses of Port Arthur, the business hub of Kupittaa and the converted industrial buildings of Raunistula.

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Renting is a common option for immigrants and finding an apartment is not too complicated. However, during the summer and early autumn new students moving into the city often cause a spike in demand for affordable housing. Thankfully, there are options for finding a suitable apartment. In Turku you can rent from a private landlord, a company or a public sector organisation such as TVT, VVO, YH kodit or a parish, with which you can file a housing application.

Often, but not always, water is included in the rent. Electricity or internet access can occasionally be included as well (especially in smaller studio apartments or student housing), but more often than not has to be negotiated separately.

Private rental properties can be found online. Commonly used websites include:

Rental properties owned by the City of Turku are provided through TVT Asunnot Oy.

Students can apply for rental housing through Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS). The rent for student housing is normally cheaper than for other housing and they are located near or with easy access to universities. They also often include water, electricity and internet in the rent.

The monthly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is typically between 700 – 1000€, with properties that are newer or closer to the city centre being more expensive.

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