International House Turku Goes Live!

International House Turku, a service point combining everything internationals in Turku might need under one banner, has been operational since the autumn of 2021. Now, they have launched their website!

If you are an international person in Turku, it’s a good idea to contact International House Turku. They offer assistance with things like finding a job, navigating the permits you need to have, or figuring out what social benefits you are eligible for.

So head on over to the brand new site, where you can read more about what services they offer and schedule a meeting. For an in-depth explanation of what International House Turku is and why it was established, read Mika Helva’s, Director of Services at the City of Turku, piece by clicking here.

Don’t forget to get to know two of the advisors currently working at International House Turku. We did an interview with advisors Jonathon Murphy and Hero Palani, which you can read here.