Finland as a whole is known for two things: as the happiest country in the world (for the fourth time in a row in 2021!) and for having the best education system anywhere. Equality, beautiful and clean nature, and a fantastic work-life balance are also at the core of what it means to live in Finland.

Nowhere in the country are these aspects more fully on display than in Southwest Finland, where gorgeous seascapes and centuries of history combine seamlessly with cutting-edge tech and buzzing startups.

That’s the pitch. Yet, real life is often not what carefully constructed ads make it seem. Sometimes, it’s better.


That’s why seven people, from various international backgrounds, want to share what their lives are like here in Southwest Finland. From the daily life of doing dishes and going to work, to exploring the breathtaking archipelago and the envelope-pushing art scene of the city of Turku, the capital of Southwest Finland, their stories will give an unfiltered look into life in Southwest Finland as an international talent.

Some of the Talent Ambassadors of Southwest Finland have been here for over ten years, and some are more recent arrivals. They each have their own reasons why and stories how they came here. However, they all have come to share the same three core values of life in Southwest Finland: equality, balance and nature.

#TalentedByNature is an initiative in which seven individuals of international backgrounds showcase their lives and work on social media and on this site.


Follow the talents on social media, check out the Turku Business Region, City of Turku and Visit Turku profiles, and keep an eye on this page to keep up with life in Southwest Finland!


Doerz is a Turku-based platform for living like a local around the world. As an official partner of #TalentedByNature, you can expect Doerz content and events from the Talent Ambassadors!

#TalentedByNature is part of Talent Turku and the co-operation between the Talent Boost network of Southwest Finland. The network is part of the national Talent Boost Finland programme, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.